Chartered Professional Accountants

Your Friendly Winnipeg Accountant: Blair Henderson, BCom CPA

About Virtus Consulting

We are committed to providing clients with the best value and service in the industry. Whether you need your personal or corporate taxes filed, help with bookkeeping or tax saving strategies, we are happy to help.

As many business owners can attest to, wearing more than one hat while working in or on your business can become overwhelming. While you might be a big dreamer, detail oriented or a hands on kind of leader – you can’t do it all by yourself. We know you’ve probably tried, and we commend you for that.

Alleviate that ‘to do’ list and trust the experts when it comes to your business’ bookkeeping and accounting. That is one area where mistakes can easily cost you extra time and dollars you might not have. Our experts care about your financial health – we want to see you succeed. We take great pride in the success of the business’ we work with because we know we’ve lent a helping hand in their growth and sustainability.

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